Reality Test

How to test your reality

Do not use Google
Use your memory

Developed by Dr. Sol Adoni

7 Honorary Doctorates in 7 Areas of knowledge

Super Genius Level IQ

1. Name a famous brand of peanut butter that begins with the letter J

2. Name the brand of an adult diaper made for seniors

3. How many people do you remember walking on the moon

4. How many states make up the USA

5. What word that begins with the letter I follows this phrase
The Smithsonian I word

6. Fill in the blank
Interview with blank vampire

7. Fill in the blanks from Snow White story what the Queen says
Blank blank on the wall…

8. Fill in the blanks
You blank tomato I blank tomatoe

9. Fill in the blank
The wolf in 3 little pigs says
I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house blank

10. Fill in the blank
The school aid to condense the  contents of a subject of study or a book are called
Blank Notes

11. Do you remember in history, if Japan ever struck mainland USA and if so how many times, Pearl Harbor is not part of the mainland

12. Fill in the blank
A pizza restaurant for kids
Chuck E. Blank

13. Fill in the blank
Company that made Porky Pig animated film shorts
Looney Blank

14. An air freshener you plug in that begins with the letter F

15. Fill in the blanks
You blank poato I blank potatoe

These questions are totally neutral in how they are worded.

So don’t let someone deceive you that the questions are asked in a way to trick you.


After you have written down WHAT YOU REMEMBER

You can see what I remember here (Answers to this Test), I have 7 doctorates and only 2 of my 15 answers match this reality.

Your answers might match this reality

Or if you are like me, your memories will result in around 13 of the questions not matching this reality.

You might remember all 15 differently, since only three require a historical knowledge, and my memory as to historical events match 2 of the 3 events and the one I missed.

I explore most of the major Mandela Effects in my new book Holographic Universes and I explain why we  do remember such trivial questions incorrectly as we do, and I explain how false digital information is being used now to confuse us, and then I proved there are people and possibly groups involved in the whole Mandela Effects story that I have tracked own and it is a definite PSY HACK.

Don’t be fooled by this PSY HACK people it is not real, but then again, years ago my book Hologram Universe explained how it is entirely possible that nothing might really be real anyway in this entire Universe of illusion…