Reality Test Answers

1. Jiffy is wrong, it was my answer too it is JIF
2. Depends is my reality Depend this reality, but the company has used DEPENDS in advertising (LOL)
3. Any number over 1 or 2 is good, my reality matches this reality 12
4. 50 which is my reality
5. Institute answer was wrong it is and always was Institution this reality
6. A was my answer and the is this reality
7. Mirror mirror is my answer and most others and Magic Mirror is this reality
8. Say say is my answer and like like is this reality
9. Down is my answer and In is this reality
10. Cliff is my reality and Cliffs is this reality
11. No was my answer but historical archives prove subs hit the USA multiple times on the west coast
12. Cheese was my answer and Cheese’s is this reality
13. Toons was my answer and Tunes is this reality
14. Febreeze was my answer and Febreze one E is this reality
15. Say say is my reality and like like is this reality

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