Mandela Effects

What the Mandela Effect Crowd Claims


Shumann Resonance has quadrupled

7.83 Mhz ELF Constant since discovery

2016 doubled to 16 Mhz range claim (FALSE)

2017 quadrupled to 32 Mhz range (FALSE)

The constant is still 7.83 Mhz



SOL Speed of Light Increased

Some are claiming SOL Changed

SOL is 186K Miles Per Second

It was first measured in 17th Century and has not changed

SOL is also 300K Kilometers Per Second

Most likely some get confused between Miles and Kilometers



Circumference of Earth Changed

1995 Circ. 24,902 Miles

2017 Circ. 24,901 Miles



Have Jet Engines Changed?

Mandela Crowd says Yes

History says No

Jet Engine Mandela Effect Video