Music and Songs

Mandela Effects


Many famous Song Lyrics you remember



Queen We are the Champions no OF THE WORLD ending

Possible Reason

Studio Song and Original Music Video 70’s no ending

Famous Live Version from AIDS Concert 80’s has ending


RHCP Under the Bridge

Possible Flip Flop

Most remember City of Angels

First change City of Angel Lyrics and Video

Current status Lyrics record plural Angels Official Video ANGEL

Possible Reason

Loss of range of hearing of fans as they age

Younger new fans may still hear ANGELS


Joan Jett I Love Rock n Roll

Many remember I saw him STANDING not DANCING

Possible Reason

Beatles Song Standing There about a 17 year old

Many covers of Beatles Songs about 17 year old STANDING THERE

Brain associates memories to other memories

So all songs with a 17 year old recorded STANDING not DANCING by Brain