Mandela Effects


Many famous Celebrities you remember

Have new names or looks

Hitler’s Photos Major Alterations

Hitler has BLUE EYES he used to have Brown

Hitler’s mustache is fuller

Hitler now has light brown hair not black

Hitler with 6 pack photos

Mussolini now looks like actor Enrico Colantoni

Most of Barack Obama’s official photos have normal sized ears

Ann Margaret is now Ann Margret

Ann Margret was blonde most of her career not always red head

Racquel Welsh is now Raquel Welch major name change

Raquel Welsh was a brunette known for her famous Red Head like Ann Margaret

Raquel Welsh’s face has totally changed

Raquel Welsh was blonde in 10 Million B.C. her first big movie

10 Million B.C. Movie is now 1 Million B.C.

JFK photos his face looks way different in presidential years

JFK looking OLD in some photos

JFK looking like Bill Clinton in some photos

JFK with big teeth in some photos

Marilyn Monroe now looks skinny in most photos

Michael Jordan face different not as muscular

Chrissie Everet is now Chris Evert pronounced like DEVERT is not ET

Nadia Comanechi is now Nadia Comaneci

Young 1976 Photos of Nadia look different malnourished look

No pigtails in 1976 Olympics Photos

Bozo the Clown’s hair is now huge to his shoulders usually

Ronald McDonald’s hair is much shorter no longer Afro

Wendy’s Girl now has short cropped pig tails

Super Man’s S has dramatically changed

Batman’s Bat logo is tiny