Brands and Trademarks

Mandela Effects


Many Brands and Trademarks have been Altered

What do you remember?


Cup O Noodles or Cup Noodles?

Depends is now Depend

SCOTT’S Toilet Paper now Scott

Starbursts is now Starburst

Kit-Kat is now Kit Kat

Captain Crunch is now Cap N Crunch

Jiffy is now Jif Peanut Butter

Fruit Loops is now Froot Loops

Haas Avocado’s is now Hass

MacIntosh Apples is now McIntosh

Ford Logo Changed

Many car logos changed

Some may be a PSY HACK


Jiffy Peanut Butter is now Jif it was always Jif

Easy to confuse with Skippy and Jiffy Pop Corn Peter Pan Peanut Butter used a JIFFY Slogan

It was owned by Proctor & Gamble for decades

A PSY HACK was done using Wiki inserting FAKE INFO to MIND FUCK YOU

Wikipedia which has FALSE INFO about JIFFY to Confuse you

A PSY HACKER inserted JIFFY March 22nd 2017

The PSY Hackers IP address is in Seattle

Probably a single individual that decided to MIND FUCK the world

For one reason, they could do it

SO BEWARE we are now in the age of PSY HACKS

Fruit Loops is now Froot Loops it always was

Your brain auto corrects words to the proper spelling

Froot is the TM but it sounds like Fruit so brain remembers FRUIT

I remember as a kid asking my dad why it was spelled wrong

He explained how Trademarks work

Fruit is a real world you can’t trademark so companies make up words

So I learned about Trademarks from Froot Loops early in my life

It was always FROOT LOOPS

Any one saying the opposite is a MIND FUCKER doing a PSY HACK

Companies do change names and update logos all the time

So here are some more PSY HACKS

Some may have been changed by name changes

But most if not all of these have always been what they are now


Penzoil Motor Oil is Pennzoil always was

I grew up in Pennsylvania

It was named for being from PENNsylvania


Alpha Romero is now Alpha Romeo always was

It was pronounced with Italian accent


Many English speakers mangled it into



Bic White Out is now Wite Out always was

I remember Liquid Paper for typing errors and correction tape

Wite Out was invented for correcting photostatic copies

All these products are irrelevant for most now

We don’t type originals we have Word Processors

When we print something with errors

We fix the file and reprint it, no need to use correction fluids or tape for most


JC Penny or JC Penny’s is now JC Penney always was

Kids used to tease kids wearing cheap clothes saying

So your mom took you shopping at JC PEN NAY (French Accent)

In other words



Vasoline is now Vaseline always was

We have GASOLINE from Petroleum

So why not VAS O LINE

But I remember many using both

VAS O LINE how they chose to miss say it

VAS A LINE how they chose to say it

It has always been VAS E LINE

But people used O and A to pronounce it

You say Tomato I say Tomatoe

Even though the famous movie iine says LIKE

So instead of saying

You SAY neither I SAY niether

We adopted Tomato and Potato to explain why people

Say things differently

Even though both in the old movie used LIKE

Since they had a ton of examples of words we say

But over time we chose to use stuff we like to express the concept

Of people saying stuff differently


Oreo Double Stuff is now Oreo Double Stuf always was

Hagen Das Ice Cream is now Haagen Dazs always was

Kit-Kat is now Kit Kat always was

Chic Fil A is now Chick Fil A always was

Cup O’ Noodles or Cup Of Noodles is now Cup Noodles always was

Gordon’s Fish Sticks is now Gorton’s Fish Sticks always was

Rubix Cube is now Rubik’s Cube always was

Curaid Bandaids is now Curad Bandaids always was

Lucky’s Markets is now Lucky always was

Cliff Notes is now Cliffs Notes always was

Sketchers Sneakers is now Skechers always was