False Memories

Around the world people are awakening to a new reality

A reality where most of their memories have become false

The brand names of products they used have changed

The Geography on World Maps have changed

Their favorite Bible Verses have changed

Major historical facts have changed

Constellations in the Heavens have changed

Laws of physics have changed

Famous celebrities that died are now alive

Other Celebrities have names spelled differently

Famous lines in movies have changed

Iconic song lines have changed


So, people all over the world are reporting their memories are wrong

They remember things differently

People are calling it the Mandela Effect

In Holographic Universes

Dr. Adoni explains how easy it would be to do such a hack of reality

Inside a Holographic Universe

Yet Dr. Adoni proves the top Mandela Effects are not real

They are PSY HACKS

Individuals or even groups are