Famous Movie Lines

Mandela Effects


Almost every famous Movie Line you remember


Terminator Arnold says I’ll be back in normal English not heavy accent Baaaccckkk

Captain Kurt never says Beam me up Scotty on TV or in Movies

Morpheus never says what if I told you everything you know is a lie

Darth Vader never says LUKE I am your father

Only Star Wars character to say MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU now is Hans Solo

C3PO now has a silver fake leg

Evil Queen in Snow White no longer says Mirror Mirror on the wall

Snow White Dwarfs no longer sing Off to Work we go in Movie

ET now says HOME PHONE instead of PHONE HOME


Tom Hanks in Apollo 13

Doesn’t say, “Houston we have a problem”




Curious George the money has NO TAIL now

Clark Gable no longer says Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn

Bogart never says Play it again Sam

Laurel and Hardy never says Another FINE Mess

Looney Toons is now Looney Tunes

Interview with A Vampire is now THE Vampire

Raquel Welch is now a Blonde in 10,000 BC Movie

Ann Margret was a blonde instead of red head most of her early career

Marilyn is very skinny in most photos of her now

Dracula never says I want to suck your blood